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It all started in 2009 from a small in-house studio, when our ambitious leader decided to resign from the corporate world driven by mere numbers and got enlightened to what's called today Social Entrepreneurship, it wasn't about doing good for a financial income, it was about doing business for the good of mankind. 

Sometimes what makes or breaks it for Start ups or SMEs generally is their cashflow, we eliminated this obstacle and put our selves in their risk and provided them with services they needed but couldn't afford at the time, call us dreamers if you wish, but we'd be called believers.

In 2016 a new insight came to life, when our country announced the 2030 vision and the entertainment industry started to see the light, we felt the responsibility to act fast to create the base of the Art Industry and manage artistic people's Talents so this generations amazing art wouldn't go to waste. 

Team Syrup
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